Struggling to optimize your Macros on a Plant - Based diet?

bunch of peach on white surface
bunch of peach on white surface

I got you! I'm a certified Plant - Based Coach and expert on fast, nutritious and delicious recipes to optimize your fats, carbs and protein intake, so you can keep a healthy and a happy microbio.

“Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food”

"All disease begins in the gut"


clear drinking glass with juice on white plate
clear drinking glass with juice on white plate

How I can help you

My mission is to help you to make healthier choices without feeling like you are on a restricted or high-carb diet to achieve satiety and long-lasting habits on a Plant - Based diet.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Personalized advice and support tailored towards you and your individual goals..

1st session free 25min

1-on-1 Online 1 session 45 min - 50$

1-on-1 Online 4 session 45 min - 175$

Optional: Personalized Menu - 200$

Coaching sessions are to be paid in advance. There is a strict no refund policy. You may reschedule your session, but all reschedules must be made at least 24 hours prior to your session beginning and within validity of your package.